5 Trends you need to implement in your 2022 consumer loyalty scheme

As we approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, the lives of consumers and the way businesses operate continue to be dramatically altered and impacted. Businesses have had to redefine their relationships with consumers as they evolve to meet ever-changing expectations accelerated by the pandemic and the continuing digital transformation in the market.

January 10, 2022

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The consumers’ need for exceptional service has been heightened in the past two years, with many now seeking more personable, and meaningful B2C interactions. This is where consumer loyalty schemes come into their own, we know this from the never-ending catalogue of research that testifies their success in maintaining survival and promoting growth. Heading into 2022, we predict loyalty schemes will continue to be a successful mechanism to achieving positive business outcomes.

So let’s get into it, what are the five loyalty scheme trends that we expect to see this year?


Gamification exposes an opportunity for brands to boost consumer engagement. Combining gamification with a loyalty programme provides incentives for consumers through rewards; these can vary from the opportunity of extra points post-purchase to leader boards/badges.

Through reinforcing positive behaviours, businesses can create a sense of community to aid brand advocacy.

Premium Schemes

Premium incentive schemes are based on one main idea: instant gratification. Unlike traditional reward schemes, premium programmes offer consumers the opportunity to skip the likes of building points and access the best benefits every single time.

It’s important to perceive premium schemes as a two-way street. Consumers will pay for a premium scheme, if – and only if – it is worthwhile, and hence the business has to provide rewards that are perceived as valuable.

Mobile Apps

The benefits of app-based incentive schemes are self-explanatory. The endless amount of analytics on offer is an exciting proposition, consider the potential consumer data your business could have access to. This can educate marketing campaigns, inspire product development and refine personalisation.


Business loyalty schemes and personalisation come hand in hand, this is because of the consumer data on offer. Businesses with active reward incentives can develop personalised offerings to their most profitable consumers, to promote positive brand perception. In essence, if consumers know that there are valuable rewards on offer that are personal to them, they’re more likely to onboard with that scheme over a generalised point system.

Feedback Opportunities 

Loyalty schemes can provide an opportunity for consumers to feedback on certain aspects of the business, and what better feedback to gather than from those customers that know your business the best?

In-app feedback options also help to keep potential bad reviews off of online platforms or social media. Many incentive scheme apps have the ability to track purchases and ask for a rating/review; working to satisfy the innate consumer need to voice their frustrations, and allowing the business to deal with the issue quickly.


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