The Next Level of Consumer Loyalty, What Can Mobile Devices Achieve for Your Business?

Level up your company’s loyalty programme by taking it digital! From endless data collection opportunities to increased consumer engagement the benefits have never been clearer.

November 10, 2021

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Gone are the days of wallets and purses being packed with loyalty cards. With the majority of us adding our coupons to mobile wallets, and keeping track of our consumer loyalty points through accessible apps, the mobile revolution has gripped the loyalty scheme market by storm. Although potentially a little intimidating at first, mobile-based reward schemes are well worth the consideration for your business; let us show you why, and if you want, help you to kickstart one.


Digital reward programs have the ability to collect invaluable consumer insights at mass. This data can be critical to a business’s success, as it can track and comprehend the likes of purchasing habits, effective advertising campaigns, and the customer journey.

Through building a clear profile of your target audience, businesses can inherit a data-driven approach in all company sectors. The initial investment of time and resources can account for large company wins such as informed marketing strategies and popular product developments.

Customer Experience

Mobile apps have the ability to alter both short term and long term customer experience. From offering gamification features post-purchase to boost positive brand perception, to specialising offers on birthdays, all of these actions are personal attempts at building brand recognition within the consumer.

What’s more, is as the recollection of these attempts build, so does the emotional connection between brand and customer. This helps to achieve habitual purchase behaviour – the most profitable form of consumption!

Consumer Loyalty & Engagement 

Building on our previous point, the likes of gamification can aid in keeping consumers enticed by the app, but many of these digital schemes are now capable of facilitating geolocation services; allowing companies to gather data in real-time.

This can become a powerful combination when partnered with the likes of push notifications and/or geo-conquesting to keep consumers away from competitors and incentivised to purchase with the brand.

Customer Feedback

Not only through collating customer feedback is the business exposing the opportunity to improve and develop their current strategies, but it also allows loyal consumers to feel valued.

It is probably fair to assume that there is a direct positive correlation between consumer expenditure and app usage, meaning that the data being gathered is crucial in the company’s attempt to remain informed on its most loyal and profitable customers’ wants and needs.

Final Thoughts

Incentive schemes have adapted tenfold over the last 5 years, and with this, consumers have been exposed to an abundance of digital formats, strategies, and communication. This acts to further enforce the value in the knowledge on offer to those companies that invest in digital customer loyalty programmes.  Some target audiences will want all the frills, others may want something more stripped back – customer feedback and data collection can answer these questions without extensive leg work.

So although digital loyalty schemes may not be considered ‘new’ anymore, there are continuous developments to drive engagement and increase loyalty – like some of those that we explored today!

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