When is it Time to Add Gamification to Your Loyalty Scheme?

The primary aim of any loyalty scheme is to improve your loyalty loop by rewarding your customers. Adding gamification can boost your loyalty scheme by improving engagement and incentivising loyalty. As 77% of the UK population are members of customer loyalty programmes, focusing on developing a great loyalty scheme has multiple benefits to your business.

March 9, 2022

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There are hundreds of examples of brands that have successfully added gamification to their loyalty scheme and boosted customer retention, but there are just as many examples where businesses rush to roll out their incentive scheme without making the most of potential returns.

So, how do you know it is time to add gamification to your loyalty scheme?

1. Design with the End in Mind

Changes that are made to any incentive scheme are, on the whole, done to boost sales and retain customers. Every major decision made during the planning and design phase should be done with this final goal in mind.

Adding gamification to reward loyalty should also be relevant for your current customers and accessible. For example, Gen Z and Millennials have the highest loyalty scheme participation rates. So if the majority of your customers fall into these brackets, having a reward scheme is essential, especially if it has elements of gamification.

2. Ask Your Customers

It is important to talk to your current customers before introducing gamification to your loyalty scheme. Whether this is through running surveys or focus groups to determine opinions, you can also observe how your customers interact with your current reward scheme, and this information is invaluable. It can help you determine promotions, timing, and other key features of gamification. Plus, it allows your current customers to give feedback on ideas and as a result, can help them feel valued.

3. Time it Right

Consider launching the new element of your loyalty scheme at a time when you can dedicate resources to testing, troubleshooting, and marketing efforts. Not only will this help to create anticipation with current customers and even attract new ones before launch, but it can improve first impressions of a gamified customer loyalty programme because issues that are identified can be dealt with promptly.

You can even consider running a trial launch with the help of your customers. This can help you to understand how your customers are likely to engage with the new elements of your loyalty scheme. It also gives an additional opportunity to receive feedback (and even ideas) for current and future development.


When you have considered all of the points explored above, you should be in the best position to introduce gamification into your loyalty scheme.

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