Whether for a tactical campaign, promotional incentive or brand awareness, using gamification is a great way to boost the engagement and interaction of your audience.

What is gamification?

Gamification can help you to stand out, build relationships and customer loyalty but they can also attract new clients/customers and drive sales. How about an online advent calendar to boost Christmas sales? Your very own branded Pacman game to push your latest product release? Or even online scratch cards to reward your employees?

Why use gamification?

Gamification can be an effective tool, either tactically or with longevity, to help drive business performance.

Gamification can be built and delivered in many forms; from a short term tactical campaign using an online scratch card to promote a new product launch or a spin the wheel campaign to provide customers with a chance of winning each time they purchase a qualifying product!

We offer a wide range of ways to do this, using both online and physical collateral, bringing a fun and engaging twist to any campaign.

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