Bespoke Gamification Campaigns for Every Industry

Here at LoyaltyWorks we specialize in bespoke reward and loyalty schemes that are tailored specifically to your goals or business.

September 6, 2022

Bespoke Gamification Campaigns for Every Industry

Through a Gamification strategy you can maintain existing customers, invite in new ones, deepen relationships between partner businesses or increase staff retention and employee happiness, our job is to bring you and your customers closer together.

What does it mean?

Gamification is a relatively new word but describes what we do perfectly. Who in this world doesn’t love to play? However old and stubborn and serious you get, however worn down and tired you become, there is always a child at heart that just simply loves to get involved and to play a game. We put our creative heads together to discover ways we can 'gamify', or create games out of, well, practically anything. Today we’re going to look at the ways in which a good gamification strategy can be used to benefit every industry from every perspective. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Gamification for B2B and B2C

When it comes to the daily machinations of commerce there are one of two routes we are going to be taking as a business. We are either interacting with our customers, or we are interacting with other businesses, be they suppliers, distributors, subcontractors and so on. So, a general view then will suffice to see how, no matter your business, service or product, we can find a gamification strategy to suit you! After that, we trust our knowhow, many years of expertise and all of our successful past campaigns will be enough to assure you that whatever your particular need, we’ll find the solution for you!

B2B Gamification

Picture it now, you’re sat in your office organising the supply and distribution of your next product launch. Every time you put the phone down you pick it right back up again to make another phone call. Talk about tedious. But hey, it makes money and tedium is what makes the world go round. But wouldn’t it be great if we could just make that simple act just a little more fun, and not just for you but for everyone sat in an office taking and making phone calls all day long?

For instance, if you track the productivity of your sales team, the staff with the most leads could be given the chance to spin an online wheel to win a prize! This is not only great for staff promotions, but it is also a great way to develop loyalty and attract new customers.

Next Steps

If you would like to find out more about how you can develop a competitive edge over your competitors, please get in touch today. Alternatively, you can find out more about gamification and the benefits it can have for your business here.

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