Drive Motivation and Profits with an Employee Reward Scheme

You are the mind of your business but your employees are the heart. Your ideas, vision and ambition are what drives and directs the work that your business does, the passion that you were inspired by to make a piece of this world your own.

August 1, 2022

Driving Employee Engagement

You are the mind of your business but your employees are the heart, meaning that employee reward schemes are critical to ensuring the longevity and success of your organisation. Your ideas, vision and ambition are what drives and directs the work that your business does, the passion that you were inspired by to make a piece of this world your own.

To make your vision the greatest reality it can require a body to do the work for you and so you recruit those with the best skills to fulfill the roles you cannot do yourself. To keep our heart and body healthy we feed it the correct nutrition and give it the right exercise. To keep the body of our business going we look after our employee’s. Every employee that feels valued and seen knows themselves as an integral part of your business. Seeing themselves as a valued team member creates the drive and ambition in them to do the best work they can.

Reward and Recognise

Employee Benefits Research Institute found that 78% of employee’s agree that benefits are essential in their decision-making process when choosing between two work places.

Research undertaken by Gallup show that businesses that engage their employees have 25% less turnover if they are a high-turnover business such as fast-food chains, and an amazing 60% less turn-over in smaller businesses with a more focused and dedicated team. Employee reward schemes have such an impact on your staff that it can be the decider between not just an employee who stays and an employee who goes, but a whole team that decides to stay to enjoy the benefits of being rewarded and recognized.

Further to this Gallup also showed that recognised employees are more interested in engaging with the customer’s they work with, and so customer satisfaction increases by up to 10%, helping to improve customer retention as well as employee engagement.

Lastly, Gallup showed that engaged employees are more ‘present and productive,’ have a greater sense of a customers needs and are more determined and likely to follow proper processes and procedures, which together results in an increased profit of up to 21% for you and your business.

So, employee’s that are valued in a work environment that celebrates them and the work they do are more likely to stay employed with you. The work they do will be of a greater quality, they will be better at selling to and interacting with your customers and therefore the profits they generate will begin to skyrocket.

Looking after your employees through rewards and recognition schemes drives their sense of value and motivation which in turn helps them to perform at their best so that your business can perform to the best of its capabilities with joy, enthusiasm and an infectious motivation that spreads through every corner of your empire.

If you’d like to increase employee retention and boost your profits at the same time then our employee rewards and recognition scheme might just be for you.

Driving Employee Engagement

Having looked at the benefits and necessities of rewarding and recognising your employee’s, let us have a little look at driving that employee engagement.

Employee engagement is not just about offering the incentives at the end of the rainbow, making an employee work for a little bonus by meeting a target. We all love perks, but the main purpose of employee engagement is to make your employee’s feel really integrated and interested in each aspect of the business.

We have already seen that employee reward schemes boost not just productivity and profit, but also the employee’s desire to engage with and follow procedures and structures at all levels of the business.

Most of us have worked in a job or environment that doesn’t really engage us, where, when the manager isn’t around, we probably cut corners. We shouldn’t have done, of course, but the work itself wasn’t engaging enough, wasn’t clear enough or the environment didn’t instill a sense of positivity in us. So, if we can do the bare minimum and still get paid, we would. This is obviously the effect of poor employee engagement. Not only are your profits and turnover going to be affected, but the systems and procedures you set up to allow your business to flourish and run like clockwork will be compromised by employee’s who don’t care enough to follow and adhere to these rules.

An employee that is engaged through a company reward scheme not only comes to work for the benefits they receive but are motivated and engaged in such a way that they want to do every part of their work properly and they want do it well.

So, as we look to create an employee reward scheme for you, we will be considering how we can help your employee’s feel rewarded in an integrated fashion, which means that they will be rewarded and recognized for following proper procedures all along the way. This way we make the work they are to do fun, motivating and inspiring, and all the cogs that make your business work will be happy, well-oiled and functioning optimally. Benefit you, your employee’s and your customers all in one beautifully packaged, bespoke and dedicated reward scheme.

Loyalty Works Employee Reward Schemes

Our business centers around improving and uplifting your business. We work with you to learn about your business and your team and craft bespoke employee engagement schemes to help give you all of the benefits we have just discussed.

Through internal recognition programs that offer rewards, perks and benefits we can help engage your employees in a variety of ways. From gamifying their daily work and activities, to creating interactive tracking systems so they can watch their own progress grow over the years with rewards at each level and target or milestone they hit, the sky really is the limit in where we can take your business and how we can help your employee’s feel more valued and motivated. We are here to give them a greater sense of achievement and desire to be at your workplace and engaging in that vision you originally set out to achieve.

As we know, each business is unique and holds different values and cultures, we strive to learn about you first and allow you your input so we can create an employee reward and recognition scheme that is perfectly tailored to you, your business, and your employee’s and their needs.

Reach out today, we are always open to speaking to each of you and discussing how we can begin to help you get your business back on track with happier, more motivated and deeply engaged employee’s than ever before. For you, your customers, your employee’s and your profit, there really is no reason to delay, let us do what we do best and create a bespoke employee reward scheme for you today.

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